Michelle Alves is a dancer, singer, actress and choreographer born and raised in Puerto Rico. She started her professional dancer career at the early age of 16 traveling around the world with the World Salsa Congress and many Latin-American singers. Had the privilege to work as a dancer, choreographer and assistant choreographer in very important award shows performing with recognized celebrities like The Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Nelly Furtado and Ricky Martin among others, and at the same time working in many local and regional theatre productions.

Michelle graduated from Sacred Heart University in San Juan, PR in 2004. In 2011, after 12 years as a commercial dancer, Michelle moved to New York to focus on her true passion and live her dream. In 2012 Michelle got her first National Tour playing her dream role as the energetic and vivacious Anita in the unforgettable masterpiece West Side Story (2012-2014) in which was recognized as Best Featured Actress in a Musical (Touring Company) by Broadway World Pantages Theatre, LA. In summer 2015, Michelle became a proud member of the Actor’s Equity Association. On May 2017 Michelle Alves made her Broadway debut in On Your Feet.


Michelle M. Alves

Height: 5’2
Weight: 118 lbs
Voice: Mezzo Soprano/ Alto/ Belt G- high A
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown

AEA member

Musical Theatre

On Your Feet Broadway
Dir. Jerry Mitchell
Chor. Sergio Trujillo / Maria Torres
SwingMarquis Theatre, NY
Motown National Tour
Dir. Schele Williams / Charles Randolph-Wright
Chor. Patricia Wilcox/Warren Adams
Claudette / Landlady / Billie JB / Teena MarieWork Light Productions 2017
West Side Story National Tour
Dir: David Saint
Chor: Jerome Robbins / Joey McKneely
AnitaTroika Entertainment
Dir: Moisés Kaufman
Fina / Carmen usOlney Theatre, MD
West Side Story AnitaLamb's Player Theatre, CA
Godspell Turn Back O' ManThe Palace Theatre, NH
West Side StoryAnitaThe Palace Theatre, NH
Dir: Carl Rajotte
Chor: Carl Rajotte
JuneThe Palace Theatre, NH
Dir: Paula Sloan
Chor: Paula Sloan
Dynamite / LorraineJersey Shore Entertainment
Dir: Carl Rajotte
Chor: Carl Rajotte
Little Inez / DynamiteThe Palace Theatre, NH
Dir: Miguel Rosa -Lopez
Chor: Michelle Alves
AnabellaArts Productions, PR
Chor: Waldo Gonzalez
DionneViota Productions, PR
Dir: Yinoelle Colon
Dir: Miguel Rosa -Lopez
Chor: Danny Lugo / Michelle Alves
EnsembleArts Productions, PR


Ricky MartinDancer
The Black Eyed PeasDancer
Nelly FurtadoDancer
Enrique IglesiasDancer
Paulina RubioDancer
ChayanneDancer & Assist Choreographer
Luis FonsiDancer
Daddy YankeeDancer
Victor ManuelleDancer
David BisbalDancer
Ednita NazarioDancer
Olga TañónDancer
Juan Luis GuerraDancer


Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights
Starring: Diego Luna & Romola Garai
Dir: Guy Ferland
Chor: JoAnn Fregalette Jansen
Cuban Bar Dancer
(Rosa Negra)
Miramax Entertainment
Feel The Noise
Starring: Omarion
Dir: Alejandro Chomski
Chor: Pedro Aviles
Dancer (Dance Club Battle)Tristar Films

Live Performances / Videos

Latin Billboard AwardsDancer & Choreographer
Latin Grammy Awards Dancer & Assist Choreographer
ESPN AwardsDancer
People AwardsDancer
Premios Lo NuestroDancer & Assist Choreographer
World Salsa CongressDancer & Assist Choreographer
Salsa & Hustle CongressDancer
Luis Fonsi DVD ConcertDancer & Assist Choreographer


– Best Featured Actress in a Touring Production 2012-2013; Anita “West Side Story” Pantages Theatre, LA

– Outstanding Featured Performance in a Musical (nomination); Anita “West Side Story” Craig Noel Awards, San Diego Critics Circle 2015

– Best Supporting Actress in a musical 2016 IRNE awards; Anita “West Side Story”


Dance (Jazz, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa, Chacha, Mambo, Cuban Rumba, Hustle, Tap)

Broadway Dance Center: Joshua Bergasse, David Marquez, Jason Marquette, Cecilia Marta, Sheila Barker, Maria Torres, Germaine Salsberg, Murakami, Luam, Raphsody

Dance Manhattan: Angel Ortiz

Dance Times Square: Tony Meredith & Melanie Lapatin’s

Rhythms Dance Studio: Danny Lugo, Tamara Livolsi, Tito Ortos, Laura Valentin

Bettina Sheppard, Michelle Sotomayor, Edmanuel Gonzalez, Jo-Anne Herrero

Norwill Fragoso, Axel Serrant, Daniel Irizarry

Special Skills

Fluent Spanish and English, drivers license, US passport, cartoonist and portrait artist, works well with children


Michelle wins IRNE Award

On April 2017 Michelle Alves won an IRNE Award for her performance as Anita for North Shore Theatre's production of West Side...

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“Michelle Alves as Anita sometimes stole the show. She exemplifies the talents required of everyone in this production, great dancing, acting ability and a strong vocal range. Her ‘America’ was quirky, offbeat and rhythmically exciting and her duet with Maria in “A boy like that” was one of the high points of the evening.”

– Portland Press Herald

“Michelle Alves, as Anita, steals the show. With just the right amount of swagger and attitude as Bernardo’s girlfriend, her acting was exemplary and her dancing during the dance at the gym was electric.”

– The Examiner, Atlanta

“A word here about Michelle Alves who plays Anita: Not taking anything away from the rest of the cast, but if any of the performers steals the show, it is Alves. I dare to say that Rita Moreno, who famously and fabulously played Anita in the movie, would give a healthy thumbs up.”

– ATL INSIDER, Atlanta

“Anita, played by Michelle Alves, is stupendous! She gives an exciting new freshness to the role in this production that you will endeared to. Her sassiness will make you smile, and her deep angst and trouble make you deeply feel for her on stage. Vocally, her Anita is unmatched and her characterization is spot-on.”

– PEGASUS NEWS, Dallas Forth Worth

“The strongest moments in the show came from Michelle Alves’ Anita who displayed tremendous range and refreshing honesty. She seemed authentic and was brilliant in both the “A boy like that” and Rape at Doc’s Drugstore scenes. She approached the material with sense of “real” and was riveting. Her playfulness and sense of humor in the lighter scenes helped to lift them, without wandering over into’ situation comedy land.”, Los Angeles

“One of the evening’s strongest performances-Michelle Alves as Anita. She also strongly resembles to Rita Moreno, who played the role in the 1961 film. Alves worked passion and compassion into nearly every dance move made, every song and line uttered.”

-Courier Journal, Kentucky

“However, Michelle Alves (Anita) who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, infuses every scene she’s in with passion and fire. Her voice is rich, her acting is powerful, and her dancing is top-notch.”, Los Angeles

“Kudos for authenticity go to Michelle Alves whose Anita might rival the likes of Chita Rivera and Rita Moreno in their day. Her facial expressions, boundless energy and hot temperament anchors every scene she’s in. You can’t not watch her.”

-Tony Curulla, Syracause